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A 30’ session that will allow me to get to know you and identify your level, and to talk your goals with Spanish! I will tell you about my methodology and also about how much I love the Spanish language and culture and how much I love to teach it!

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Hello! My name is Ángeles.

I am Spanish and I teach Spanish online and also in person in Barcelona.


A good Knowledge
of Language Can
Open Doors.

A good attitude will give You The Key

Learning Spanish is much more than just learning the grammar and the structures.. and hard work (which is vital)… having a positive attitude, mingling with Spaniards, reading, watching… “living Spanish” will make the rest! I can guide you with that!


Angeles is a dedicated, caring and very observant teacher. She constantly goes above and beyond, providing practical advice to maximise learning opportunities and to increase confidence in speaking.
Jennifer Johnson
Global Head of Accounts Payable at Zurich
Angeles has helped me with my pronunciation and has a keen ear for spotting the most subtle errors I make and has helped me correct them and perfect my Spanish.
Neil Barnes
Translator from England
Angeles is very professional and highly educated. It is a pleasure to work with her as she accommodates her services based on my needs and pace of learning. Human based approach instead of pre-deternined curriculum. Highly recommended!
Frank Fanteev
Data Analyst from Russia